The future of plastic packaging

The future of plastic packaging

Over the last century, plastic production has grown over 400 million tonnes and over 40% of plastics produced is used for packaging. A lot of products would not make the journey to the home or store or survive in good condition long enough to be consumed without plastic packaging.

Plastic packaging offers a unique combination of benefits but the harm it causes has always been understated. The time is right to move towards alternatives and reduce the impact on our environment; conventional wisdom is that most of the plastic waste is headed for recycling but surprisingly less than 9% of plastic waste is recycled according to the United Nations report released last year.

Businesses around the world are making efforts to reduce plastic consumption and we are taking this issue very seriously. Our drive to alternative packaging solutions is stronger than ever and we are committed to moving to renewable packaging solutions and build greener production lines to support the cause. We are looking at options to replace plastic packaging, however, at this stage we are limited to what is available for us to use. This will no doubt get priority over other projects and our commitment to sustainable initiatives is undeniably necessary.

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