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How can we improve?

Our code, policies and standards reflect on our values and govern us.

Our Code of Conduct (Code) publicly sets out the high standards of conduct expected of all our employees, vendors and stakeholders working with us or on our behalf. The Code has been adopted by our Board Members and sets out Coztrix’s basic standards for ethical and legal behaviour. Employees play a critical role in demonstrating and communicating Coztrix’s commitment to integrity and doing business the responsible way everywhere we operate.

As we go about our work it’s important, we have a frame of reference for the decisions we make every day. Our Code can guide us, no matter where we are or what we do. It’s how we do business. Our Code is an educational and preventative tool designed to ensure Coztrix’s employees follow the law, as well as our policies and standards, which in some cases are more stringent than the law requires.

When employees behave in ways that do not adhere to our values and standards, the company wants to know about it. Please report unsafe and unethical behaviour at


Code of Conduct

A core set of shared values sets out a common framework around how we are expected to behave.

Policies & Standards

Policies and Standards communicate the philosophy, rules and expectations of an organisation.

Supplier Code

The supplier code sets out the minimum standards of conduct expected from all Suppliers.