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Policies and standards communicate the philosophy, rules and expectations of an organisation.

As an important part of Coztrix’s internal governance process, new or revised global policies and standards are reviewed and preliminarily approved by the Committee overseeing our Code of Conduct. Following this preliminary approval, the documents are posted for comment by employees for a minimum of 14 days, after which they are finally approved by the Committee. Policies are then submitted for further approval by Coztrix’s Executive Leadership Team and Board Members.

The scope of the policies and standards is global, and they apply to all executives, board members and employees of Coztrix, its subsidiaries, and any other entities that it controls. A variance request process for existing or future conditions is in place for standards and policies. The process provides an alternative mechanism for those instances where operations cannot logistically or feasible conform to a requirement established in a standard due to special conditions or unique hardships.


  • Asset and Value Protection Policy

    This Policy reflects Coztrix’s commitment to protect the security and value of its assets. It requires the implementation of appropriate controls over the commitment of Coztrix funds, including supplemental review and approval requirements for certain specialised and/or and assets, while managing and mitigating risk and protecting the value and security of its personnel, properties and other assets.

  • Business Integrity Policy

    This Policy reflects Coztrix’s commitment to business integrity. It requires all those engaged in activities on our behalf to work honestly and in the best interests of the company, to avoid corruption and bribery of any kind, and to ensure compliance with various relevant legal requirements. It also requires those involved in reporting  information about Coztrix to do so appropriately and in a timely and accurate manner.

  • Health and Safety Policy

    This Policy reflects Coztrix’s commitment to protect the health and safety of its employees, contractors and visitors. It requires the implementation of Health and Safety (H&S) Management Standards, based on the principles of quality systems, H&S Technical Standards that address key fatal risk areas for operations and manufacturing-related activities, and H&S Health and Hygiene Standards that minimise various risks to the health of employees, contractors and visitors. It also requires a commitment by our employees, contractors and visitors to take the issue of their health and safety seriously. Also, this Policy reflects Coztrix’s intent to deliver on measurable objectives and targets that will drive the continuous improvements necessary to pursue an injury-free and occupational illness-free workplace to achieve a culture of zero harm.

  • People Policy

    The success of our business comes from the accomplishments and well-being of our employees and partners. Our goal is to build a workplace culture that fosters leaders and allows every person to thrive, contribute and grow. This Policy reflects our commitment to employees and to those with whom we work. It outlines the commitments we make to select and develop our employees, and to establish a work environment where everyone can take an active part in reaching our strategic goals while feeling a sense of pride in working at Coztrix.