Coztrix sells wide variety of corn and corn-based products into local, regional and world markets.

Grits (Coarse Cornmeal)

Coarse Cornmeal from high quality dried yellow corn kernels with a sweet intense corn flavour and granular texture. Ideal for manufacture of corn flakes and breakfast cereals or as ingredient in recipes calling for gritty texture e.g. cornbread.

Corn Flour (Extra-Fine)

High quality yellow corn kernels grinded into fine powder. Rich in protein, fiber, starch, vitamins and minerals. Ideal for gluten-free quick breads, pre-mix bakery, batter and sauce applications.

Precooked Corn Flour (Fine)

Refined pre-cooked corn flour made from high quality dried yellow corn kernels. Commonly known in South America as Arepa (corn cake) flour.

Popcorn 40/42

Whole yellow corn kernels suitable for making popcorn.

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