We sell a range of high-quality Oat products into local, regional and world markets. Our products are used as base raw material for new products or as ingredients for healthy and nutritional products developed by our customers.

Whole Grain Oat Groats

High quality oats offered as whole or steel cut groats. Steel cut groats can be reduced in size to meet customer requirements.

Whole Grain Oat Flakes

Oat flakes are produced by flaking whole or steel cut groats. Large flakes (old fashioned) are produced from whole oat groats while quick and instant flakes are produced from steel cut oat groats.

Whole Oat Flour

Oat flakes are grinded to make fine milled quality whole grain oat flour with high nutritional values compared to other grains and competitive price wise. Suitable in a variety of different products, based on their own properties or replacing other ingredients.

Oat Bran

High quality medium and fine oat bran is produced by grinding oat groats or rolled oats and separating flour. Bran can be customised to meet beta-glucan levels required for oat soluble fiber health claim.

Toasted Coated Oats

Coated oats are produced by enrobing flaked grains with a syrup and toasted to a specific moisture content. Ideal for granola bars, simple ingredient granola, trial mixes, toppings for bakery and yoghurt products.

Granola Clusters

Whole grain rolled oats are processed into granola clusters to make an excellent snacking granola. The granola clusters are available in 3 varieties; Strawberry Granola Clusters, Honey Granola Clusters and Cocoa Granola Clusters. We can offer customised clusters for specific needs.

All our products are packed in jumbo bags and plastic bags of various pack sizes for direct consumption.

Oats for Food – Application

Extruded breakfast cereals.
Extruded snacks.
Instant powders, dry soups and sauces.
Ready-to-drink beverages.
Bread, biscuits and cakes.
Desserts – ice cream.
Health and medical food products.
Sport bars/food/powder/drinks.

Oats for Cosmetics – Applications

Hair care in shampoos and conditioners.
Skin care in creams and lotions.
Talcs and dusting powders.

Oats for Feed – Applications

Chicken feed for high production values.
Horse feed for better digestibility.
Dog feed.
Good for young and/or small animals.

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