Coztrix sells a variety of traditional and premium rice products from different origins into local, regional and world markets.

Calrose Medium Grain Rice

A soft starchy, sticky texture with a light taste that pleasantly lingers after chewing. A well-known rice produced in California commonly used for Sushi, Risotto and Mediterranean cuisine. Sold primarily to restaurants, sushi makers and re-packing customers.

Basmati Rice

A slightly softer long-grain white rice known for superior quality and traditionally served in Indian, Pakistani or other South Asian cuisines. Its light, fluffy result is ideal for biryani and pilaf dishes. It is sold to retail and wholesale customers through our network of distribution channels. Brown rice is available for customers looking for higher fiber content in rice.

Jasmine Rice

A distinct soft, moist texture and slightly sweet flavoured white long-grain rice popular for its fragrance. It is commonly served with Asian delicacies. Brown Jasmine is also available.

All our rices are packed in jumbo bags and plastic bags of various pack sizes for direct consumption in local market.

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