Coztrix sells a range of refined white and raw sugar products into local, regional and world markets.

White Sugar

Our white refined or crystal sugar is the crystallised sucrose extracted from pure sugarcane which has had the molasses removed during processing. The white sugar is available in different varieties; granulated sugar, caster sugar (superfine sugar) and confectioners’ sugar (powdered sugar). Sold primarily to soft drink, confectionery, food processing and re-packing customers.

Raw Sugar

Our raw sugar is a coarse-textured granulated sugar with a light amber colour and sparkly appearance. The sweet flavour is slightly caramel-like with a bit of molasses residue left during processing to ensure the sugar offer a rich flavour. Raw sugar is gaining popularity with consumers and widely used in cooking, coffee bars and restaurants serving coffee and tea.

Specialty sugars

Sugar which undergoes additional or special processing to meet our customers’ unique requirements pertaining to flavour, grain size and colour.


Invert syrup ranging from golden syrup through to the rich-dessert topping range.


Prepack sugar: White refined and raw sugar is pre-packed in plastic bags of various pack sizes for distribution in local market. Our sugars are sold to retail and wholesale customers through our network of distribution channels.

Bulk: We offer Raw Sugar in bulk which is primarily exported to sugar refineries for further processing. Our packing in bulk for both White Refined and Raw Sugar is available in 1ton tote bags, 50kg pp bags and 25kg Kraft paper bags.


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