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Building Foundation

Our internship program is an ideal fit for an individual who is studying or has recently graduated and looking for a meaningful learning experience. The program is carefully monitored in which an individual has intentional professional goals and reflects actively on what he or she is accomplishing throughout the experience.

We are focused on developing intentional learning objective goals that are structured into the experience and supervised by a professional with relevant and related background in the field.

Our internship program promotes academic, career and/or personal development and Includes:

Learning objectives, observation, reflection, and evaluation.

Balancing learning goals with organization needs.

Typically lasts three months. May be part‐time or full‐time.

Involves industry related and soft skill development.

May be carefully monitored and evaluated for academic credit.

Provides adequate supervision in a reasonably safe environment with the necessary tools to perform the learning goals agreed upon for the duration of the internship.
We are investing in our future to discover future colleagues and leaders. Write to us and find out more about the program.