We work in partnership with all our stakeholders

Our Promise

We are committed to delivering excellence in every product and service offered by our team.

Value Proposition

Supply chain management solutions dedicated to well-being of consumers around the World.

Sustainability Initiatives

Working towards effective initiatives to help minimise our impact on the environment.


Delivering experienced and comprehensive services for wide range of business needs

Coztrix offers seamless services to integrate supply chains in various industries to plan, finance, build, operate and maintain the full lifecycle of a project. Each of our projects demand unique solutions, built on solid knowledge base we have developed from our diverse portfolio. The result is a broad range of multi-faceted services – executed via a proven, highly disciplined process.

International Trade

We work with our stakeholders to maximise exchange of resources to benefit the consumers.

Contract Manufacturing

We are committed to building infrastructure to turn big ideas into great products.

Infrastructure Development

We are focused on completing projects on time, on budget and with the highest quality.

Investment Management

We are working to build and manage sustainable funds to support ethical investments and savings.

Brand Consulting

We work with brands to create transformational strategies and facilitate market-entry for their products and services.


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